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Yongkang flourishing door industry co., LTD. Is the production“Jin Wang hair”“Jin Baoming”A collection of non-standard door design brand、Development、Production、Sales and service in the integration of modern enterprise。Plant a beautiful environment,The transportation is convenient,Logistics developed。

The company's advantage is that use high quality steel、Scientific useAUTO-CADTechnology,From beginning to end, which is based on science and technology,Take the market as the guidance,Bold innovation,The whole body is committed to improve the level of industry decoration。In beautification bedroom security as own duty,To cross the ordinary endless innovation is the management idea,Efforts to build,Jin Baoming、The best、Better homes。Brand,Jin Baoming people relying on the unique understanding of non-standard door and many years of production experience,Novel design,Make unique,Fine workmanship,Luxury honourable,Pay attention to environmental protection,Company production of various non-standard door,Into the door,Building door production in strict accordance with the relevant quality standards,And through the relevant departments of detection。With the beauty is generous,Luxury quality,Deeply the general customers trust,Become a non-standard door of famous brand。

Tests the company to quality first,For this service,The user supreme basic principles,To keep good faith,Strive for perfection,Pioneering spirit,Strives for realism the innovation spirit of enterprise。With domestic colleagues,The customer,Sincere cooperation,With us,Achieve a win-win situation,The target。

About us/ABOUT US
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